Vehicle E-Display Utilities

Vehicle E-Display Utilities

OMSI Production Tool


Extract and prepare patterns to generate vehicle electronic destination displays.


  • Please read the instructions
  • May not support some operating systems and browsers


  • Device: Desktop / Laptop
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Browser: Google Chrome

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Destination Display Extractor

  • Works only for regular displays,
    i.e. having same-color magnified dots evenly distributed with same width and same height (in pixel),
    without extra space between dots,
    see demo video for example
  • This tool ONLY works correctly if your browser devicePixelRatio is 1.
  • Your current browser devicePixelRatio is:
  • If the value above is less than 1, zoom IN (+%) your browser now until it increases to 1.
  • If the value above is greater than 1, zoom OUT (-%) your browser now until it decreases to 1.
  • After zooming in/out to 1, please refresh (F5) the current page.

1. Upload the display image or load it from the link input below

Output to Display Generator

2. Select corresponding configuration below or input custom configuration

3. Get extracted display in monochrome bitmap


Destination Display Generator

This tool generates Destination Display (Anzeigen) images for some OMSI AI/user buses, using predefined templates with

  • monochrome (單色) bitmap (.bmp, 點陣圖) of display/pattern
  • monochrome bitmap generated from Destination Display Extractor
  • specified types of ORIGINAL display images from HKBRDA or Stopreporter
Templates are jointly created by

1. Select output display template

2. Upload input display image

Unless specified by selected template, upload monochrome bitmap with the given resolution of display/pattern either in:

  • black colour with a white background Black Text with White Background
  • white colour with a black background White Text with Black Background

3. Get generated display


Move it into your destination display folder.
e.g. <your OMSI folder>\vehicles\Anzeigen\<template name>

Temporary Storage

    Demo Video

    Use Case – Generate display from specified type of original image
    Use Case – Extract HKBRDA Honglong display
    Solution 1 – incorrect devicePixelRatio in Display Extractor
    Solution 2 – incorrect devicePixelRatio in Display Extractor

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